Peas Raita Recipe – A Nutritious Dish From Indian Cuisine By Sameer Goyal

Peas Raita Recipe - A Nutritious Dish From Indian Cuisine

Peas raita recipe (मटर रायता रेसिपी) from Indian cuisine is a nutritious combination of yogurt and fresh green peas which is an all time favorite vegetable in winters and spiced up with roasted cumin seeds powder, red chili powder and salt.

This recipe works well with your parties menu and good to enjoy with your daily meals including dal-rice combo, pulao, khichdi, savory porridge, missi roti and tastes best with different parathas. Kachori is a great combination too.

You can get all three specialties of a recipe in this raita such as easiness, quickness and heartiness. Enjoy the goodness of yogurt and peas together with unique taste by following the steps mentioned below of this peas raita recipe :-

Serving                  :              2 Persons
Prep Time            :              5 Minutes
Cook Time           :              10 Minutes
Passive Time       :              15 Minutes

Ingredients Required To Make Peas Raita Recipe:

Yogurt                               :                 250 gm
Fresh Green Peas           :                150 gm (boiled)
Salt                                     :                 to taste
Cumin Seeds Powder    :                  tsp
Red Chili Powder            :                 1/4 tsp

Peas Raita Recipe Video:

Peas Raita Recipe Step by Step Procedure:

  • Beat yogurt properly in a bowl.
  • Mash half of the boiled peas in a separate bowl.
  • Finally, mix all the ingredients in yogurt.

Delicious Matar Raita is ready to enjoy with all kinds of breads and rice recipes.

Recipe Note : Do not keep this raita at room temperature for long. It may sour.

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