Top Healthy Foods to Make You Gain Weight Quickly


Are you the one who is always mocked when it comes to having a great physique? Do you feel that you are too skinny compared to others? Maybe it is because you are not eating the right food or it is simply hereditary. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of healthy foods that will help you to overcome this issue and soon you will start gaining weight. The best part is you will not have to spend a huge amount of money to go to a doctor and consult about what you should do. There are plenty of foods out there that you can have and they will help you gain weight in quick time. You may have heard about foods that help people to grow slim, but you will do the exact opposite. Want to know what food they are and how they work? Let’s find out.

Foods to Have in Breakfast

The first food that you eat at the beginning of the day can do wonders to your weight. However, you have to be careful about what you choose. Here are few healthy foods that you eat for your breakfast:

Granola – This amazing breakfast cereal has loads of protein, fiber, energy and most importantly, calories. You can have granola with milk and a cup of it will have more than 450 calories. In fact, people who order from HealthKart make sure that they buy it in good quantities so that they can have it twice a day. Eating it in the evening is also advised for those who are really skinny and need to gain weight quickly.

Banana – Banana is the key to a healthy breakfast. You go anywhere in the world and you will find bananas being served for breakfast. Although it is a strict no-no for those who are looking to lose weight, you should definitely include bananas for breakfast. On an average, each banana has around 100 calories and together with granola and creamed milk, it will be a sumptuous breakfast.

Soy milk or whole milk – Without milk, a breakfast seems to be incomplete. So, if you want to gain weight within a short span of time, start drinking milk at least twice a day. However, it should be whole milk or soy milk as they contain most of the calories. A glass of whole milk will give you as much as 150 calories. All the three foods together will be more than enough to keep you going for the day.

Foods to Munch in the Lunch

As a foody, you always have that craving to eat a delicious lunch. But, then you end up having foods that are not ideal to help you gain weight. Following are some of the foods that are really tasty and you must definitely eat to grow fat:

Pasta – For people who love Italian cuisine, pasta is heavenly. However, it is also a weight booster. A serving of 100 gm pasta has 380 calories, but that is not the end of the line. You can add meat balls and cheese and what not. Try eating whole grain pasta because it will keep you full for a long time.

Sweet potatoes – Potatoes contain high amount carbohydrates and are ideal for you to gain weight. Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C will help to absorb the carbohydrate quickly. They are really tasty when you mash them and eat it while having lunch.

Tuna – The perfect food for lunch and your best friend to increase weight. This fish is a gem in the hiding because it has some of the most healthy proteins and essential oils that will help in gaining weight quite easily. Try tuna steak with butter and you will never feel like opting away from this dish.

Foods that Make a Wholesome Dinner

Last, but not the least, it is the dinner that decides how much calories you take away for the day. A wholesome dinner will be enough to complete the day’s quota of calories. So, here goes the food that you can have for dinner:

Salmon – Just like tuna, salmon also has the ability to help you gain weight. It has high fat content and will be the perfect dish for dinner. Cook with a lot of butter to add more calories.

Chicken or Turkey – Chicken breasts are awesome to increase weight. A single chicken breast has more than 130 calories making it a must have for dinner. Although pork or mutton has more calories, but it is better to opt for turkey or chicken as they are white meat.

Shrimp– This is probably what you will be looking for as this is not only healthy but delicious as well. Shrimp cooked in tomato sauce has all the necessary nutrients that can help you gain weight in a healthy way. So, you can be rest assured that one serving of this every night will be enough to add those extra calories.

In addition to these foods, there should be a special mention to some other special foods and health supplements for gaining weight that can be purchased using Netmeds coupons such as dark chocolate, avocado, eggs, peanut butter, brown rice and different varieties of nuts. They are absolutely healthy and will boost your weight almost instantly.

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