Top 5 Price Comparison Apps To Compare And Save Money On Products

Top 5 Price Comparison Site

Price Comparison is one of the most prominent ways to compare and find the best price for a particular product.As the e-commerce industry is booming and people are shopping for products online, the price is one of the prominent decisive factors to buy a particular product.

Plus, the magnate of e-commerce is so much that the prices change very soon and you may have to plug in from one screen to another and tend to lose so much time in finding the right ones. We will discuss few apps popular to make your job easier.

My Smart Price

  • My Smart Price App shows all latest and upcoming Micromax Mobile Phones and Intex Mobile Phones apart from over 10,000,00 products at one place.
  • The app has already seen 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 installs and been rated 4.0 and above.
  • It is one of the most popular price comparison apps that is fast and easy. All the reviews posted are genuine and authentic.
  • The most fantastic part of this price comparison app is that the price reflecting on the site is more than 98% accurate. Other apps have 60-70% accuracy.
  • All the latest deals and offers from all the major online sites are aggregated at one place. You will also find details of exclusive deals of Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal on the app easily. The app is designed with native app functionality to ensure there are no issues at all.
  • You can get instant push notifications if you have set a price drop alert.
  • You also get price alerts while shopping on other apps. You can also get deals on restaurants of salons and activities near you, which makes it an instant hit.
  • One of the major selling points of MSP is that it also collaborates with offline stores unlike the other price comparison engines so that you can easily get the perfect price all the time.

Price Hunt

  • Perhaps the most underrated and useful price comparison app, Price Hunt app is gaining momentum in terms of customer engagement and provide them a solid interface to find and compare any product easily.
  • You can easily compare price and save money with this amazing app. The app compares prices of millions of products from various categories in a neat and organized It has more of an SEO friendly interface that can be a little annoying as compared to the MSP app.
  • However, if you are someone who wants to browse many products and love seeing many offers from all corners of the web, Price Hunt is the perfect app for you.
  • As per the recent report, many underrated phones like MI Mobile Phones have been sold in maximum numbers through Price Hunt app.
  • It has some special filters to refine the app like Popularity, Relevance, Brand, and Price based filters etc.
  • You can also see price-tracking chart apart from other products details to make your job easier.
  • Regarding the price accuracy, we can say that it is 80-85% accurate and 2017 will see more changes in the algorithm to reflect it as 100%.


  • This app provides the option for one click price comparison and a little fast as compared to its counterparts.
  • The user interface and experience is seamless and very clever to entice both consumers and search engines.
  • The app lets you compare products easily and find the best deals and discount offers.
  • However, notifications part is still not up to the mark and app are not programmed properly to intercept consumer patterns and show personalized offers accurately.


  • Perhaps one app that has a detailed rating and rank system for the products to help consumers make effective decisions whether to buy Micromax Mobile Phones or other phones
  • The app is build keeping customer engagement in mind and looks too much sales oriented as compared to other apps.
  • Though, consumers report that the intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it an interesting app as it really boosts of lots of products that entice the customers to navigate and find more products.


  • If you want to rank these apps, we believe we will retain the original order though Price Hunt may come at the third spot at this moment and Price Raja might replace it. However, MSP will still fetch the top stop as it is continuously innovating in terms of design and marketing schemes.
  • Also, the MSP app offers accurate live prices for Lava Mobile Phones and other products seamlessly. It has an amazing Loyalty Scheme and many consumers already trust the browser extension.

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