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About eKunji

ekunji is an Indian blog founded by Sameer Goyal, Sonia Goyal and Sachin Goyal, featuring bloggers. The site offers educational blogs on amazing facts across the world, profession and management, food and recipes, health, and technology.
Name of the site ekunji is derived from the English word “electronic”, and the suffix – kunji is a Hindi word meaning “key”. As the site offers educational articles and blogs on a wide range of fileds, it is a “Key of Knowledge”.


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About Sameer Goyal

Sameer Goyal is an engineer by education and a blogger by profession. He is from India. He founded and runs ekunji – an educational blog and jaipurthepinkcity – an exclusive travel blog on Jaipur. Sameer Goyal writes blogs on apps and websites under “Technology” category, and on profession and management issues under “Profession” category at ekunji.
Sameer Goyal supports “Right to Education”. He is therefore, making his efforts to contribute on the world of internet for free education for all. For the purpose, he is contributing at wikipedia with his copyright free or royalty free work.