Cooking Up a New Career in Culinary Arts

Career in Culinary Arts : Chefs at Work

Culinary arts is an unconventional career. Culinarians have a special responsibility to create food that looks, tastes and feels good to those who eat it.

It truly is an art, because when it comes to food – science, presentation and even colors are taken into consideration. Once you make the decision to enter the world of food, it opens up a host opportunities.

With experience, knowledge and education, a career in culinary arts can take you anywhere – from a chef on a cruise ship to analyzing new food products in a lab. Here are a few careers you can pursue in the culinary arts.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Chef

There are many different types of chefs – executive chef, sous chef, line cook, pastry chef. Each of these cooks have different responsibilities.

Sous chefs are second in command in the kitchen, they make sure the kitchen is up to standards, manage employees and take over head chef duties when necessary.

Line cooks or fry cooks are lower down the food chain. They perform inventory, chop the vegetables and meat and prepare the food as specified by the head/sous chef.

Executive or head chefs command the kitchen. They plan menus, ensure the kitchen is clean and manage an entire crew of cooks. To be on par with the likes of Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Vicky Ratnani takes years of hard work, but once you get there, you can work anywhere in the world.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Personal Chef

Often sous chefs or head chefs become personal chefs that cook exclusively for just one individual or family. Obviously, those who can afford to hire a skilled chef pay very well, so being a personal chef is considered a huge accomplishment.

A career as a personal chef can also be pursued in any country, but usually requires you to have formal education in a respected university. AIMS, an educational institute, offers culinary courses in Bangalore that send you overseas in order to gain exposure to different cuisines. Once you have experience with international cuisines, you can be a personal chef in the city of your dreams.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Restaurant Owner

If you are inclined towards business as well as cuisine, owning a restaurant can be your ultimate success.

To own a restaurant isn’t simply a business venture, it is about creating an environment where people can enjoy your unique representation of food. World renowned chef, Ferran Adria says of his restaurant El Bulli, “When people arrive, everybody goes through the kitchen. It’s a way of making them feel at home. When they leave, the only thing I ask is whether they’ve been happy.”

New restaurants open and fail often, but the ones that find success have a special, uniqueness about them – in the food, the staff and the atmosphere.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Bakery/Sweet Shop Owner

Bakery Chef Job Description

The desire for freshly baked goodies and delicious desserts will always be present in any population of people. Owning a bakery or sweet shop can be a fun way to do what you love and feed people tasty treats at the same time. India’s vast array of traditional mithais and sweet dishes also allows you to experiment, improve and create new delicacies.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Caterer


A catering business owner doesn’t usually prepare food themselves; they do however plan appropriate menus, decide serving proportions, manage employees and arrange for food transport. As a caterer, events such as weddings, dinner parties and corporate conferences will be your sources of business. Catering can be a very lucrative career option for someone with a passion for food.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Nutritionist

Nutrition is a word you hear often, however most people aren’t fully aware of what it means to ‘have a balanced diet.’ As nutritionist, you will coach people of all ages on the best diet for their bodies according to their need.

People with heart conditions, weight problems, young children, retirees – they all have different nutrition needs and a nutritionist analyses and advises ways to meet them.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Food Scientist

Food Scientists

Food scientists ensure that food and drink products that companies manufacture are safe for the public to eat and drink. Someone who is interested in the science and microbiological side of food would find an ideal career in food science. Food scientists typically test food samples, try to improve food products and even make new food products.

Career in Culinary Arts as a Food Critic

The idea that a food critic simply tastes food and either sings praises or tears a restaurant down is not entirely correct.

Good food critics are passionate foodies, have experience in working a kitchen and maintain blogs and reviews of establishments that serve food and beverages. Their job is to evaluate restaurants and publish their feedback online or in magazines. Food critics also travel to experience and write about different cuisines.

Career in Culinary Arts as an Author

Got tons of family recipes that you’ve worked and improved upon? Share them! Write about your experiences with food, unique ways to use ingredients and the food industry in your locale.

Share your knowledge and passion for all things food with everyone through books and blogs. Your unique perspective of the culinary arts could be just the inspiration that others are looking for.

These culinary careers – from chef to author are just a small percent of the opportunities that await you. The world of food is a big, big one and there are hundreds of ways to contribute to the culinary arts. With the proper knowledge and skills, a unique business is not an impossible undertaking and who knows, you could be the one to invent a never before tasted food!


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