Top 5 Battery Saver App To Run Your Smartphones Battery Longer!

If you surf net, play games, enjoy songs or movie clips on smartphone, forget about low battery!

 Battery Saver App

These 5 battery saver app will help you to save battery of your smart phones and tablets so that your devices will never die at crucial moment.

1. DU Battery Saver & Widgets

DU Battery Saver App

DU Battery Saver is free app to save battery for your android phone and tablet. More than 625000 users publicly recommended it on G+ till the end of Jan 2014. It helps you to save up to 50% battery for longer use with pre-set battery power management modes.


  • Global Application : it supports 17 languages
  • Powerful Saver : it increases your phone and tablet battery up to 50%
  • Easy UI : its user interface is very simple and easy
  • Effective and Healthy : it helps to extend the life of your battery because it protects the battery with healthy battery charging techniques
  • Good Energy Saver : It automatically saves energy with Smart Power settings.

Technical Information

Version : 3.5.0
Size : 4.7 M
Required Android : 2.1 and higher

Rating (as on 10th Feb 2014)

Stars No. of People Gave Rating
5 Star 786,687
4 Star 181,313
3 Star 64,877
2 Star 22,464
1 Star 37,841


2. Battery

Battery App - For Battery Saving

Battery is another good app to save battery of your smart phones. It indicates real time battery charge level of your android device along with the indication whether or not your battery is charged enough to browse the web, play game or enjoy movie.

It also gives you the notification of amount of consumption of battery whenever you complete your task on your device.


  • Battery information displays in percent (%)
  • Supports the lock screen widget introduced in Android 4.2
  • Quality support for Android devices available – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.3
  • Full support for all known screen resolutions
  • Power source indicator
  • Battery level is displayed precisely in 1% increments
  • Lightweight application
  • Additional features:
    • Displays battery temperature
    • Shows battery voltage
    • Displays battery health status

Technical Information

Version : 2.4.2
Size : 1.9 M
Required Android : 1.5 and up

Rating (as on 10th Feb 2014)

Stars No. of People Gave Rating
5 Star 394,860
4 Star 93,257
3 Star 24,034
2 Star 5,452
1 Star 8,462


3. Easy Battery App

Easy Battery App for saving battery

Easy Battery Saver app is specifically designed to extend battery life. It optimistically cut down the battery consumption for screen time out, screen brightness, sleep schedule settings and much more.

It offers you 5 preset and customized battery saving modes with different features:

1. General Saving Mode : In this mode, Easy Battery App deals with the basic network control, screen control and sleep schedule to meet your normal battery saving needs.

2. Intelligent Saving Mode : It manages 8 different controls which saves more battery than the general saving mode.

3. Super Power Saving Mode : This mode helps you to adjust your phone’s standby time due to which your phone will never die at crucial moment.

4. Advanced Customized Mode : With this mode, you can manage applications and adjust system settings to optimize your battery efficiency with more personalized options.

5. Normal Mode : For default settings with no changes for your battery.


  • 5 battery saving modes which you can use as per need
  • Battery status visualization on main page
  • Save more than 50% battery
  • Extend the battery working life
  • Displays battery consumption list of real-time running applications
  • Notice of how to use battery better

Technical Information

Version : 3.3.4
Size : 1.8 M
Required Android : 2.0 and up

Rating (as on 10th Feb 2014)

Stars No. of People Gave Rating
5 Star 616,848
4 Star 172,323
3 Star 46,270
2 Star 8,639
1 Star 11,813


4. Battery Doctor

 Battery Doctor is a battery saver app.

Battery Doctor  is a professional power manager app. This app is available for both the android and iOS. This app supports 15 languages. Few of the exclusive features of Battery Doctor are the “Task Killer” option to kill the task with one click, and unique “3 Stage Charging system” to regulate inbound electricity which ensures quick charging of your device and for the maximum amount.


  • Disable unnecessary apps and saves battery
  • Task Killer to kill the tasks with one click
  • Kill apps when screen is off
  • Displays accurate battery remaining time
  • Displays accurate charging remaining time
  • Schedule power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more
  • Unique 3 Stage Charging system
  • Wifi/Data/Bluetooth toggle
  • Screen brightness control
  • CPU Management (for rooted phones)
  • Battery temperature
  • 15 languages supported

Technical Information

Version : 4.6.3
Size : 3.3 M
Required Android : 2.1 and up

Rating (as on 10th Feb 2014)

Stars No. of People Gave Rating
5 Star 420,708
4 Star 119,644
3 Star 33,944
2 Star 10,531
1 Star 18,052


5. Battery HD

 Battery HD - a battery saver app

Battery HD is another good battery saver app for your smartphone and tablet. It works on android 2.1 and higher. It is a 6.7M sized app. Batery HD monitors all the applications of your phone or tablet and let you instantly know how many hours you left for:

  • Standby
  • Talking on the phone
  • Internet Browsing ( WiFi / Edge / 3G / 4G )
  • Listening to music
  • Watching video
  • Playing Games
  • Time to use LED Flashlight
  • GPS navigation
  • Taking Photos
  • Recording Videos
  • Video Chat

Technical Information

Version : 1.33
Size : 6.7 M
Required Android : 2.1 and up

Rating (as on 10th Feb 2014)

Stars No. of People Gave Rating
5 Star 249,980
4 Star 58,810
3 Star 11,974
2 Star 2,696
1 Star 4,604


Shake your hand with technology, use these 5 battery saver app and enjoy your smart devices without the worry of low battery at crucial moment.

Write us your feedback in the comment area below.

Author: Sameer Goyal

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