Easy Craft Ideas For Kids : How To Make Wall Clock From Paper Plate

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

Easy craft ideas for kids are helpful for you if you need new kids crafts ideas everyday for the development of your kids creativity and for their school project.

In my previous post, I told you how to make a beautiful photo frame from ice-pop sticks. Now, learn to make a beautiful wall clock from paper plate in 8th episode of my craft workshop.

This is very easy craft idea for kids and very creative for them. In this craft idea, they will get an opportunity to learn and practice coloring, cutting and pasting. In addition to this, they can use their own creativity to decorate their paper plate wall clock after watching this craft video.

Easy Kids Craft : Things You Will Require

Paper Plate or Thermocol Plate- 1 no.
Red Acrylic Color – 1 no.
Cardboard Sheet – 1 no.
Brown Paper – 1 no.
Red Paper – 1 no.
Black Paper – 1 no.

Steps to Make Wall Clock From Paper Plate

  1. Paint the rim of the paper plate with red acrylic color.
  2. Write the numbers on your wall clock with the help of marker pen.
  3. Make the hands of your wall clock from black paper and paste on the clock.
  4. Make the pendulum frame from cardboard sheet.
  5. Paste brown paper over it to give it an elegant look.
  6. Make a pendulum from cardboard sheet.
  7. Paste a piece of red paper over it.
  8. Paste this pendulum with the clock.
  9. Finally, paste the pendulum frame at the bottom of the clock.
  10. Paste a strong thread at the back of the clock.
  11. Your beautiful wall clock is ready.

Make this beautiful wall clock from paper plate and write me your feedback in comment area below.

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