Useful Kitchen Tips # 2 For Easy Life With Video By Sonia Goyal

Get a short list of some of the kitchen tips and use them to control your daily kitchen hassles. Cooking and kitchen are integral part of our lives and maintain a good kitchen is essential and working in kitchen can really be fun if you follow the shared kitchen tips as mentioned in the post below :

Kitchen Tips And Tricks : Video

Kitchen Tips :

Tip 1

Rice grains generally glued with each other when boiled. It happens because of the starch present in rice. Add a tea spoon of lime juice while boil rice to make them non-sticky.

Tip 2

Add a spoon of milk while cook cauliflower vegetable to remain its actual color.

Tip 3

Remove the caps of fresh green chilies and then store in fridge to keep them green for long time.

Tip 4

Add some amount of kasuri methi in the stuffing of aloo parathas. It will enhance the taste of parathas.

Tip 5

Put neem leaves in jars to store lentils, rice or any grain for long time. Neem leaves will keep away bugs from grains.

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