Would You Love To Eat In Anti Socializing Cafeteria With Divider?

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Anti Socializing Cafeteria in Japan

 You may always love to freak out, watch cinema and dine with your friends. But the story of the Japanese students is 360 degree different. Engineering students of the Universities of Japan demand the facility to sit alone in cafeteria so that they can eat their food alone.

Universities in Japan are now designing anti socializing cafeteria to fulfill the demand of their students. Dining tables with 50-cm dividers in the middle are installed in Kyoto University and Kobe University of Japan. These tables are now very popular among the Japanese students.

“Many times, I’m in hurry in lunch time and can’t sit with my friends to eat and gossip. I have to rush back to my class. At the time, if your friends find you in cafeteria and force to sit with them to eat, its difficult to avoid them. Bocchi seki (the lonely seats) are the best way to eat alone in rush,” said a 22 year old female student.

“Sometimes my lunch timings differ from my friends due the different schedules of classes and projects. Some other times, I want to sit alone and want to eat peacefully. But its very awkward to sit alone on a big long table. Because of anti socializing cafeteria, my this problem is solved,” said Ayato – the final year engineering student.

Whatever the reason behind the demand of anti socializing cafeteria is, but its interesting to see the people sitting alone to eat peacefully on the tables with dividers.

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Author: Sonia Goyal

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    Wow, this article is nice, my sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to inform her.

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