Amazing Rare Geyser Jet Eruption From Earth

Geyser is a rare phenomenon, exists at only few places on Earth, is a turbulent ejection of water jet through the earth.

Geyser Eruption in the valley Haukadalur in southern Iceland.

Generally it happens near active volcanic areas.

When the underground water comes in contact with hot rocks, approximately at the depth of 2,000 meters or 6,600 ft, where the proximity of magma is there, it results in super-heating and comes out of the earth fractures, fissures, porous spaces or cavities in the form of an amazing column of steam and water jet.

Approximately 1000+ geysers exist worldwide. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States is one of the famous geyser site.

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Author: Sonia Goyal

Photo Courtesy : Wikimedia Commons

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