Amazing Anti Gravity Shoes of Michael Jackson Auctioned $600,000

Michael Jackson used amazing anti gravity shoes for his seventh single “smooth criminal”.

Michael Jackson's Popular Anti Gravity Lean

Those shoes were auctioned in Moscow for $600,000 after Jackson’s death in 2009.

In 1988, Michael Jackson amazed his fans by releasing his video album “smooth criminal” because of his one amazing dance move in which he used to lean at more than 45 degree against the gravity. He performed this popular anti-gravity move in video with the help of hidden cables.

For performing the same anti-gravity lean in live stage performances, he worked a lot on his shoes with the help of his two colleagues.

Michael Jackson's Anti Gravity Shoes For Anti Gravity Lean

He successfully designed the shoes with ankle supports and cutouts in the heels in the shape of English alphabet “V”. Those shoes with the heels cutout in V shape were slide over the pegs that rise from the stage at the appropriate moment. It allowed him to lean at more than 45 degree against gravity. MJ patented his amazing anti-gravity shoes in 1993.

On September 17, 1996, during the HIStory World Tour – a popular concert in Moscow, Russia, MJ’s one shoe was unlocked from the pegs and caused him to lose the balance. That pair of shoes were displayed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow and later auctioned for $600,000 after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

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Author: Sonia Goyal

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