You Can Make Money Online Easily In 2014 With Craft Ideas For Kids

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If you have great craft ideas for kids, you can make huge money online in 2014.

In my previous post, I told you that how your pet dogs and cats can make you millionaire. If you missed my previous post on making money online with pets, check it here. Today, I’m telling you about the online money making scope with craft ideas for kids.

Search Trends For Crafts For Kids

This internet search trends graph is clearly indicating the continuous growth in searching the term “crafts for kids” over internet every year. From this graph, you can easily forecast that you can make good money online with the craft ideas for kids.

This is the fundamental rule of making money online that you must know the online visitors interest.

Do you know, what and why people search online? According to various in-depth studies, people mostly search:

  • Solutions of their problems
  • Entertainment
  • Product Reviews
  • News
  • Travel

From these studies, it comes out, if you can give online solutions of the problems, you can earn online amazingly. Now the question arises, which problems are mostly searched over internet for the solutions.

The simple answer is “every problem which is common and hence vast.”

Kids crafts is one of those problems. Have not you ever seen the worried moms talking for craft projects for kids? Have not you ever seen the primary school teachers looking for new ideas for kids crafts? Are not these scenes part of our daily life regardless the country or time zone? If your answers are big YES, then believe me, “craft ideas for kids” has a wide scope for you to make money online.

Watch the following craft video for kids. You can see how simple but fascinating craft idea can earn more than 2,292,370+ viewership because people are looking for craft ideas of kids online. Isn’t it amazing?

Following keyword analysis list of average monthly search and average annual search for various keywords related to “kids craft” searched over internet across the globe gives more broad idea about the popularity of this topic over internet and the scope of making money online from it.



Avg. monthly searches

Avg. Annual Search

1 crafts for kids 49500 594000
2 craft ideas for kids 22200 266400
3 kids crafts 22200 266400
4 arts and crafts for kids 18100 217200
5 craft for kids 9900 118800
6 easy crafts for kids 9900 118800
7 kids craft ideas 8100 97200
8 fun crafts for kids 6600 79200
9 summer crafts for kids 6600 79200
10 art and craft for kids 5400 64800
11 kids craft 5400 64800
12 spring crafts for kids 5400 64800
13 winter crafts for kids 4400 52800
14 kid craft 2900 34800
15 cool crafts for kids 2400 28800
16 craft activities for kids 2400 28800
17 easy kids crafts 2400 28800
18 kid crafts 2400 28800
19 kids arts and crafts 2400 28800
20 simple crafts for kids 2400 28800
21 simple kids crafts 2400 28800
22 holiday crafts for kids 1900 22800
23 art and craft ideas for kids 1600 19200
24 art and crafts for kids 1600 19200
25 arts and crafts ideas for kids 1600 19200
26 autumn crafts for kids 1600 19200
27 craft projects for kids 1600 19200
28 craft work for kids 1600 19200
29 crafts for kids to make 1600 19200
30 easy craft ideas for kids 1600 19200
31 kids crafts ideas 1600 19200
32 art crafts for kids 1300 15600
33 kid craft ideas 1300 15600
34 recycled crafts for kids 1300 15600
35 crafts to do with kids 1000 12000
36 art craft for kids 880 10560
37 back to school crafts for kids 880 10560
38 craft kids 880 10560
39 easy kid crafts 880 10560
40 fun kids crafts 880 10560
41 homemade crafts for kids 880 10560
42 kids art and craft 880 10560
43 summer arts and crafts for kids 880 10560
44 crafts ideas for kids 720 8640
45 easy arts and crafts for kids 720 8640
46 easy craft for kids 720 8640
47 free crafts for kids 720 8640
48 fun arts and crafts for kids 720 8640
49 kids craft activities 720 8640
50 kids craft projects 720 8640
51 kids summer crafts 720 8640
52 summer craft ideas for kids 720 8640
53 crafts for kids at home 590 7080
54 creative crafts for kids 590 7080
55 simple craft ideas for kids 590 7080
56 spring craft ideas for kids 590 7080
57 winter craft ideas for kids 590 7080
Total 231070 2772840


You can observe from this keyword analysis exercise that you have a niche online market of approx. 231070 visitors per month, which in turns is 2772840 visitors yearly from which you can make money online up to any extent!

The interesting fact is, many popular sea-wave keywords are not included in this analytics, i.e. chirstmas craft ideas for kids, Halloween craft ideas for kids etc. Product based keywords are also excluded in this analytics, i.e. paper craft ideas for kids, balloon craft ideas etc.

You can estimate traffic yourself for your online work (website and/or videos) after including these sort of keywords.

Internet is a potential platform to achieve your dreams with any of your hobbies and skills. Craft ideas for kids is one of those hobbies. So don’t wait anymore. Just fold your sleeves and put your shoulders to the wheels. Bring your craft ideas online and make money online to make your dreams true!

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Author: Sameer Goyal

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