Pen Stand Craft For Kids – How To Make Pen Stand From Ice Cream Sticks

Pen Stand Craft Idea For Kids

Everybody loves beautiful and attractive pen stands on table. You can make vey beautiful pen stands from old useless plastic box and few ice cream sticks.

Its easy and full of fun to make beautiful pen stands for your study table, for your teacher’s work table and for your mom and dad’s work table.

Things You Require For Pen Stand Craft:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Plastic box
  • Googly eyes
  • Water colors
  • Wool

Pen Stand Craft Video

Watch following video to learn how to make a beautiful pen stand in cat’s shape from ice cream sticks.


Pen Stand Craft : Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Paint few ice cream sticks in black and paste vertically on plastic box to shape the cat’s body.

Pen Stand Making - 1

2. Cut 2 ice cream sticks in half and paint all the four pieces black.

3. Now, paste these pieces in triangular shape to make the ears of cat.

Pen Stand Making - 2

4. Paint 6 ice cream sticks in white color to make face of the cat.

5. Now cut 1 white ice cream stick shorter than half.

6. Paste these 2 pieces horizontally below the ears.

Pen Stand Making - 3

7. Cut 1 white stick larger than the previous stick and paste horizontally below the previous stick.

Pen Stand Making - 4

8. Now paste 1 full white stick below it.

Pen Stand Making - 5

9. Now paste 3 white sticks in reverse order.

Pen Stand Making - 6

10. The face of the cat in round shape is ready.

11. Paste 2 googly eyes on the face of the cat.

Pen Stand Making - 7

12. Now the time to make the nose and the smiley of the cat.

13. Draw the nose of the cat with pencil and paint it red.

Pen Stand Making - 8

14. Draw the smiley from black marker pen.

15. Now only mustaches are remaining to make and it must look real.

16. Cut few pieces from black wool.  And paste these wool pieces on the face of the cat as mustaches.

Pen Stand Craft Idea For Kids

17. Smiley cat is ready.

Try this easy pen stand craft with your kids and write your feedback and queries in comment area below.

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