3 Miraculous Natural Black Hair Tips To Turn Grey Hair Black

Natural Black Hair Tips

Natural black hair are very important to look beautiful. Grey hair are considered as the sign of aging.

Hair colors and hair dye are though easily available in market but generally contains very harsh chemicals which are not only harmful for your hair and scalp but harmful for your overall health. In addition to this, hair colors and hair dye are not last longer.

If you are conscious for hair care and having grey hair which you want to turn into natural black hair, my these 3 natural home remedies can help you.

Natural Black Hair Tips Video

Watch following video to learn 3 easy and miraculous beauty tips to turn your grey hair into black.


Natural Black Hair – Home Remedy 1

  • Mix 75 milliliter sesame seeds oil and 25 milliliter fresh bottle gourd juice.
  • Put it under direct sunlight for 1 hour.
  • Massage your scalp and hair gently at bed time with this oil.
  • Wash your hair in morning.
  • Repeat it every alternate day.
  • Your grey hair will turn into natural black hair gradually.

Natural Black Hair – Home Remedy 2

  • Massage your scalp by Ghee made of cow’s milk.
  • Use this beauty tip twice a week. It will make your hair black and increase the strength of your hair.

Natural Black Hair – Home Remedy 3

  • Mix 1 table spoon amla juice in 3 table spoon almond oil.
  • Massage your scalp and hair with this oil daily at bed time.
  • Your grey hair will turn into natural black hair by continuous application.

I hope, these beauty tips will  help you to turn your grey hair into natural black hair. Write me your feedback in comment area below.


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  2. Steven Norman   •  

    Hello Sonia Goyal,
    My name is Steven Norman at snorman6@yahoo.com. I am 51 years old African American Male. I have grey hair. I am trying your Home Remedy #3 to turn my gray hair back black. I just had my Doctors exam and I am in excellent health with no problems. If you have any other tips for me please email me and how will it take to turn my hair black?
    thank you,
    Steven Norman

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