Ganesha Idol Craft – How To Make Ganesha Head From Paper Cup

Lord Ganesha Idol

Ganesha idol is made of various materials including sand and Plaster of Paris every year for Ganesha Poojan. But, kids find it difficult to use those materials. Therefore, I’ll tell you in today’s craft workshop how to make Lord Ganesha’s face from paper cup.

I remembered my school days when I was writing this post to share the easy craft idea for kids to make Ganesha idol at home. We had lot of craze of every festival. Our craft teacher gave us relevant projects on each and every festival, i.e. Rakhi making on Raksha Bandhan festival, making dresses for Lord Krishna on Janmashtami, making Lord Ganesha idol on Ganesh chaturthi, making small effigy of Ravana on Dussehra festival etc.

I’ve collected my reminiscences and decided to share this craft idea on my blog ekunji because Ganesha idol making from paper cup is very easy craft idea for kids. They can make Lord Ganesha head from this craft idea very easily.

Ganesha Idol Making : Things You Will Require

  • Paper cup – 1 no.
  • Orange water color – 1 no.
  • Some color papers – Few pieces
  • Glue – 1 no.

Ganesha Idol Making Video

Watch following video to learn how to make Ganesha Idol from paper cup.

Ganesha Idol Making : Step by Step Instructions

1. First of all, paint your paper cup from orange color.

Ganesha Idol Making

2. Draw ears on a colored paper and cut with scissors.

Ganesha Idol Ears Making

3. Paste these ears on either sides of paper cup.

Ganesha Idol Ears Pasting

4. Draw trunk on another colored paper and cut it.

Ganesha Idol Trunk Making

5. Paste it on paper cup at appropriate place.

Ganesha Idol Trunk Pasting

6. Make a crown for Lord Ganesha from golden paper.

 Ganesha Idol crown making

7. Paste it at upper side of paper cup.

Ganesha Idol Crown Pasting

8. Finally, draw eyes of Lord Ganesha from black sketch pen.

Lord Ganesha Idol

9. A beautiful Lord Ganesha Idol is ready.

10. You can decorate it more as per your choice.

Try this Ganesha Idol craft and write me your feedback in comment area below.

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