Science Projects For Kids – Make A Fountain In Water Bottle

Fountain in water bottle - Easy Science project for kids

Making a fountain in water bottle without electricity and pump is one of the very good and easy science projects for kids to understand the air pressure system and basics of fluid mechanism.

These kinds of science projects help kids a lot to learn various science principles in easy and creative manner with lot of fun. Students easily get involve with these projects and learn practically.

Today, in this post, I will tell you how to make a beautiful fountain in water bottle works without electricity and without any pump to amaze your friends.

Material Required To Make Fountain In Water Bottle:

  • Plastic Water Bottle – 1 no.
  • Water Jug – 1 no.
  • Large Bowl – 1 no.
  • Flexible Straw – 2 nos.
  • Flexible Tube – to extend the lenght of flexible straw (if required)
  • Food Color – any color of your choice

Fountain in Water Bottle : Video

Watch my following video to learn to make a miraculous fountain in water bottle.



Steps to Make Fountain In Water Bottle:

1. Make 2 holes in the cap of the bottle so that you can insert 2 straws at the same time in the bottle.

2. Insert 1 flexible straw in 1 hole of the cap in a way that it should reach to the mid of the bottle. It will work as fountain straw for your system.

3. Insert another straw in the 2nd hole of the cap in a way that the straw should only reach to the neck of the bottle. It will work as drainage straw for your system. You can extend the length of your flexible straws with the help of flexible tube if your water jug is too deep or your drainage straw doesn’t reach to the floor to collect water in bowl.

4. Put a jug on the table and fill it with water. Add few drops of food color in it.

5. Put one large bowl on floor to collect the drainage water of fountain.

6. Finally, fill your water bottle approximately one-third with plain water and screw the cap with 2 straws.

7. Make sure that there is no leakage in water bottle cap. If you find any leakage, use adhesive tape or quick glue to make your system as air tight as possible.

8. Your fountain is ready to amaze your friends.

9. Put the open end of drainage straw in the bowl.

10. Dip the open end of fountain straw in the jug of colored water.

11. Keep your water bottle hold between the location of water jug and floor.

12. Now, slowly invert your fountain bottle and see the magic of science.

13. You will find a beautiful colored water fountain starts to shoot up in your water bottle without any mechanical pump and electricity.

Science Behind This Science Project:

When you invert the water bottle, then plain water of the bottle starts to flow out from “drainage straw” due to gravity, and air pressure decreases inside the bottle.

On the other hand, air pressure on the surface of water in the water jug is stronger. This air pressure difference creates a suction system inside the water bottle and hence the colored water starts to flow from water jug to bottle through fountain straw without any electricity or mechanical pump (or motor).

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