Top 3 Winter Hair Care Tips for Seasonally Affected Hair


Do you cry every time you see the brush/comb after running it through your hair? Does it come out with hundreds of strands of your precious hair tangled between its teeth? And have you been trying a famous remedy for better hair for ages now? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We will not only empathize with you for the battle you fight with a part of your own body, but will also help you win it.

Excessive hair loss is only one of the problems most of us face with our hair. People with uncontrolled hair loss tend to turn to hair transplant in Pakistan. But there are numerous other hair problems that come and go with different seasons and weathers. People resort to a set of treatments, remedies, and products that produce positive results momentarily, but fail to improve the condition of the hair permanently. Why is it that certain products and remedies work only for certain times?

The answer to that lies in varying external conditions. Your hair-care therapies must change with the change of conditions hair gets exposed to. What worked in hot and humid summers may not yield the same results in dry and frosty winters. You need to adapt or else the hair becomes susceptible to intense damage.

This is especially true for winters, when the body has to make do with dryness, less than required water, and harsh weather conditions. The rest of the body has its control mechanisms but the hair will turn brittle, rough, and unmanageable as soon as the first cold wind blows. In times like this, you can’t just sit and wait for the weather to take a turn. There are measures you must take to ensure that the hair don’t dry away. Three of these hair-care tips have been mentioned below.

  1. Wash Your Hair with Cold Water


The mention of cold water and winters together will probably send a shiver down your spine. But the harm hot water renders to your hair is a far greater price to pay for a 15 minutes long hot shower.

The hair is already lackluster, dry, and brittle in winters. Repeated use of very hot water and styling tools aggravates hair problems. Hot water and styling tools will intensify hair loss and the roughness of the hair. Because the hair is already dehydrated, exposing them to hot temperatures robs away the little moisture left.

However, cold water locks in that moisture in your precious locks, giving them a healthy bounce and flattering texture. The water does not have to be ice cold; it can range from cold to lukewarm.

  1. Keep Your Hair Well-Conditioned

Keep Your Hair Well-Conditioned

Quite obviously, winters strip the hair of their healthy moisture. Because you don’t sweat as often as in summers, the hair is deprived of beneficial body oils in winters; and as a result of scanty moisture, hair become more likely to falling off the scalp, leaving behind bald spots.

This calls for external conditioning of the hair on your behalf. The hair-care industry is earning million dollars a day. Even though most of its products are just worthless chemicals sold in flashy packaging, a rare minority of the products have known to bear fruit. Do your research and testing before settling for the set of products that work for your hair type. Invest generously in conditioners and keratin rich products.

Together with conditioning products, you need weekly organic treatments as well to replenish the life back in your hair. For this weekly treatment, opt for organic oils, Aloe vera, and other similar hair conditioners found in nature.

  1. Don’t Head Outdoors with Wet Hair

You might have heard your mother warn you about this a thousand times over. But she probably had a different reason. Contrary to the popular belief, there is little to no chance of you catching a cold if you head outdoors with wet hair. However, what most people are unaware of is that your hair might freeze in the pricking cold atmosphere outside.

Hair freezing makes hair more vulnerable and fragile to breakage. Be sure to thoroughly dry and preferably cover the hair before you step outside the house.

Hair-care varies with the hair type and degree of winters around you. But the aforementioned three are timeless tips to look after your precious locks in keep them in good shape, regardless of seasons and weathers.

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