General Kitchen Tips For Easy Life With Video By Sonia Goyal

We all know cooking and kitchen are integral part of our lives and maintain a good kitchen is necessary. It is only possible when we know some kitchen tips and tricks . These easy and small tips can make situations better by reducing life hacks but many women are unaware from these kitchen secrets.

Read on the kitchen tips and tricks in the post below :

Kitchen Tips And Tricks : Video

Kitchen Tips :

Tip 1

  • If you so often face a problem of ants in your kitchen, especially in sugar jar, then keep 3 to 4 cloves in your sugar jar.
  • Aroma of cloves will keep ants away from sugar.

Tip 2

  • Generally salt absorbs moisture in rainy season and stops to flow freely from cruet.
  • If you keep a tsp of uncooked rice in cruet, the moisture of the salt will be absorbed by the rice grains and salt will start to flow freely.

Tip 3

  • Blades of mixer become blunt in long run.
  • If you put some amount of salt in mixer once a month and then run it, the blades of mixer will remain sharp.

Tip 4

  • When you leave a sliced apple for a while, it starts rotten.
  • It happens due to Iron present in apple.
  • If you rub a lemon slice over the apple slices, then the slices of apple will remain fresh for longer period.

Tip 5

  • You can peel ginger easily from the handle of the spoon rather than a knife.

Try these awesome kitchen tips and share with your friends and relatives.

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